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Ashley, 24.
Friendly, Perfectionist, Absent-Minded, Artistic, Bookworm.

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Jan 22 '13

Hello lovely Simblr-ers,

I thought about this place for a bit earlier today and wanted to stop in and say a quick hello. I hope this finds you well!

I don’t really play my game anymore. I just haven’t had the urge. Lately I find myself wanting to immerse myself into life and all it has to offer. Sometimes I want to play my game again but I’m too worried I will get sucked back in, and maybe later I will have more time for that, but right now there are things I need to get on track.

This is officially my invitation to keep in touch with me (as I would love to keep in touch with you all but don’t often have much Sims interest these days and therefore don’t really log in here). You can find me at:

My personal Tumblr – Trying Softer
Skype – cityserenade

Please feel free to follow me on Tumblr or message me on Skype. I’ve met such great people through this platform and I’d love to hang on to and cultivate those friendships. :)

I genuinely hope to see you guys around! Happy Simming/living/celebrating/being awesome, etc.!

With love,

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Dec 29 '12

A note.

Hey guys! I’m still alive, just haven’t felt much like playing. Seeing as I’ve had a lifelong affair with the Sims games I’m sure the urge will strike again, but for now I’m really enjoying myself doing all sorts of other things.

If you need me, drop me a line at my personal and keep on being your badass selves. <3

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Dec 13 '12

Made a new Sim.

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Dec 13 '12

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Dec 13 '12

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Dec 13 '12

The first day of fall on the promenade.

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Dec 13 '12

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Dec 12 '12

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Dec 12 '12

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Dec 12 '12

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